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Welcome to XR Storytelling

We are WunderVu. We love to tell great stories. From campfires to vaudeville to cinema, stories evolve with the mediums used to tell them. XR is creating a storytelling revolution - bringing new abilities and opportunities. Exploring and maximizing this potential is our obsession.

Why work with us? Our decades on the set and in the studio as filmmakers and visual effects wizards means we have the imagination and creative chops to create ultra high resolution, unforgettable, immersive experiences.

And, as the production studio within Pixvana we have an extra helping of technical expertise that spans from idea creation to production to post to distribution. Our mission is to harness VR’s superpowers -  a true sense of presence and a unique ability to interact that inspires empathy, drives behaviors, and creates deep emotional connections.

Let’s tell some new stories together.




Rachel Lanham

General Manager


Aaron Rhodes

Executive Producer


Scott Squires

Director / Creative Director

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3621 Stone Way North, Unit A

Seattle, WA, 98103


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Agencies and brands rely on WunderVu to create ultra high-resolution, immersive VR video experiences.

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